Forex avanger

forex avangerThis program has been designed by Dave Curran who has spent years trading on FOREX, analyzed its highs and lows and has now presented this automated system to the world.

Dave Curran’s method comes with an acknowledgment from reputed names such as Old Tree Publishing.

Benefits of FOREX Avenger

  1. FOREX Avenger is completely automated. The system does not require much human intervention and can work on autopilot. It is a completely mechanical system with an easy learning curve.
  2. The system does not take much time setting up either. Within 10 minutes, the system is set up on the computer and is ready to be used.
  3. The whole package contains 16 video guides that literally walk a person through the various steps of the FOREX trading and include a PDF that contain the entire strategy. In addition, there are six more video lessons that depict an example trade and how it is conducted.
  4. The system is easy to understand by just about anyone. Even if the person is a complete beginner and does not know much about the Internet or even about FOREX trading, this program can help them learn.

What’s Unique about FOREX Avenger?

The difference between FOREX Avenger and other FOREX strategies available on the Internet is that the FOREX Avenger is a tutorial guide whereas the others are autopilot systems. This guide is guaranteed to teach you about what the FOREX actually is and how you can keep a one-up on the market. While the other software applications do the trading for you, FOREX Avenger explains you what everything is about so that you can be more effective in this field. One of the best features here is the technical analysis which includes a detailed study of currency prices and their trends.

Another very unique aspect about the FOREX Avenger is that it trades only on one chart which is the EUR/USD. However, it provides extremely detailed knowledge on this single trading system which is best for people who are just learning and want to know everything about the trading game that they can.

There is an autopilot feature here, but that is only a part of the entire package. The main thing is the teaching course which contains 10 DVDs in all. It allows you to begin trading under $500.

Other Features

The product contains 10 DVDs and 1 manual. The DVDs contain various videos and trial transactions to teach people how to trade with the EUR/USD currency. The whole package is priced at a modest $97, which is a onetime payment. The original price is actually $147, and the $97 price is a short term discount. All major credit cards and PayPal is accepted for the treatment.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee with the product. If the user is not satisfied with the quality of the product or even with the claims made in it, they can return the product and claim a complete refund of what they have paid for it.


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