Forex Killer

forex killer

The system is developed by Andreas Kirchberger, a former Deutsche Bank employee who worked as a FOREX adviser there.



Today, FOREX Killer is one of the top five automated FOREX websites in the world. The method is devised as a foolproof system to bring unavoidable trading benefits to users.

Benefits of FOREX Killer

  1. FOREX Killer is an automated system for FOREX trading. It requires minimal human intervention.
  2. It works with all kinds of FOREX trading platforms. It is not affiliated with any particular trading platform because it is an independent program.
  3. FOREX Killer is a global service. It can be operated from any country in the world and all brokers can operate it.
  4. It is a completely automated system which makes it possible even for rank beginners in the FOREX trading world to operate this system..
  5. The initial money required to begin trading is quite low. $500 is an ideal sum to begin with.
  6. There is also a demo FOREX trading feature here which is kept as a kind of tutorial where people learn the game without putting in any of their real money.


What’s Unique about FOREX Killer?

The most unique feature about the FOREX Killer is that it contains several mathematical algorithms that expertly track the FOREX trading mechanism and then decides whether the person should go ahead with the trade or not. Also, the FOREX Killer is a more user-friendly software than most others.

Unlike some of the other FOREX systems available on the Internet, FOREX Killer keeps trading for the whole day, all days of the week and all weeks of the year. It is never down. It is completely automated with minimal human intervention needed.

The only faults here are the few language glitches because Andreas Kirchberger, the developer is German, and the fact that there is no real FOREX training provided. The system works like an automaton and some people would argue that FOREX training is not required since the program handles everything on its own.

Other Features

The original price of the FOREX Killer system is $198. However, there is a discount coupon available on the website currently, which entitles the holder to a discount of 50% on the said price. This coupon is available for a short time. The coupon code is mentioned on the website. Acceptable modes of payments are credit cards (all major companies) and PayPal. There are no hidden charges and there is no further billing once the product has been received.

There are various bonuses available with the system too. These bonuses include:-
Bonus # 1 – An Exclusive FOREX eBook
Bonus # 2 – Non Farm Payroll Strategy
Bonus # 3 – Money Manager and Risk Calculator
Bonus # 4 – Additional Winning Tactics
… and a $500 deal for the purchasers to get started with their FOREX trading business.

In addition, there is also a 56 day money back guarantee to back the purchase. The purchaser is free to return the software at any time within this period and claim a full refund if not satisfied with the product.


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