Forex Tracer

forex tracerThe program works on all kinds of Windows versions, including the newest versions of Vista. The program has been designed by people who are professional experts of FOREX trading.


Benefits of FOREX Tracer


  1. FOREX Tracer is a system to carry out FOREX transactions on autopilot requiring minimum human intervention. For that reason, this system can be easily used even by amateur traders who do not know much about the business. Technical knowledge about the Internet is not required either.
  2. The system works with meta trading 4 accounts. If you don’t have an account already, you will need to set one up with a broker. If you have it, you can just merge your account into the system with a simple drag and drop kind of feature.
  3. There is a learning feature available where you can do a dummy FOREX trade without risking any capital. This is good if you are just starting out with FOREX and want to learn the ropes.
  4. The program is globally applicable. People from all over the world can trade in this.
  5. The program incorporates mathematical algorithms which makes the trading process much more accurate and hence, profit-making.

What’s Unique about FOREX Tracer?

One of the best unique features about the FOREX Tracer is that it is a completely automated system that does not need human intervention. Because of that, even people who are just starting out with FOREX are able to understand this process quite well and even make a good deal of profit out of it.

Also, this is one of the few FOREX autopilot programs that work with intra day trading. It supports up to thirty minutes of intra day training.

There is no need of a high investment either. The nominal amount needed is $500. However, there is also a dummy trading system here which allows you to understand the FOREX trading system thoroughly before you begin.

Other Features

The FOREX Tracer is originally priced at $299.97 but for the festive season, the price has been dropped to $137. The price will rise to its original value quite soon. There is no shipping or handling charges includes with the purchase. Actually, the system is fully downloadable. Hence, as soon as the payment is made, the user is able to access the system and set things into motion. All major credit cards are acceptable for the transaction. Electronic checks are also acceptable. People can also pay through PayPal.

There are two important bonuses included with the purchase:-
i. The FX Cherry Picker Custom Indicators is a part of the package. The original cost of this package is $299.
ii. The second major bonus is that $500 is added to the FOREX trading account as soon as the person signs up to purchase the program.

This is a risk free purchase for all people who wish to enter into the FOREX game and make good profits here.


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